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With all websites that I create, I try to give the client as much control as I can without the danger of them accidentally disabling their site. That was my idea when I developed this ceramic sculptors portfolio website using WordPress, a free content management system that is privately hosted on her domain.

A key part of Ashley’s design is her focus on texture, which is truly a highlight of her work. It was important to me to make sure that one of the first things a visitor to her website would see is the beautiful texture of her pieces. Using the ideas behind responsive design, I was able to maximize the space every image within my grid would scale to, filling up the users screen whether they are using a smartphone or a 1080p-23″ desktop monitor or larger. That would be a unique trait to this website, in that it is engineered to fit HD screens with a ratio of about 16:9.

The Process
  1. Interviewed the sculptor
  2. Charted the strengths of her work
  3. Built a framework and mock up that emphasized on her best look and feel
  4. Introduced WordPress to the client
  5. Used WordPress to build a responsive website
  6. Added in modest CSS3 animations
  7. Sent the project live
The Client & Plot
  • Ashley Pegram
  • Local Ceramic Artist looking to showcase her work
  • Her work has a strong focus on texture and detail
The Tools
  1. Notepad++ & Dreamweaver
  2. WordPress
  3. Photoshop
  4. Theory of Responsive Web Design

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