Chattanooga Crossing

Chattanooga Crossing is a 360 degree panorama shot at the intersection of 2nd and Cherry Street in Chattanooga, TN. The panorama was stitched together in photoshop with 17 images that were taken with a Fujifilm s200 and a tripod. This crossing is a few blocks from the Hunter Museum of American Art. The set of colorful condos behind the main street lamp, the blue light that marks the roof of the Chattanooga Aquarium visible in the distance to the left of the tree, the yellow glow of its night life, the quaint but artistic condos that line the main street, all of these provide for a very energetic strip of view.

After finding this intersection, I situated my tripod in a good spot to capture some of the grandeur of the area in hopefully every shot I’d be taking. Next, I spent quite some time finding the proper settings to capture the entire area while letting in just the right amount of light for every direction. I didn’t want to set my camera to auto or adjust as I went, otherwise I’d lose the consistency in the light and colors later on when stitching the panorama together. I flipped the camera mount on its side, allowing me to shoot portrait-wise, this increases the height of the panorama and causes more photos to be taken to complete the 360 degrees, increasing the amount of the scene that’s captured. I started shooting facing the hill of Cherry St. which you can see on the left edge of the panorama, then continued carefully 360 degrees until I met the photo that I started with. Happy with the product, I left for the studio.

I stitched the panorama together with help from Photoshop, adjusting the natural distortion as needed, then fixing a few accidental blemishes and discolorations. Once complete, I converted my color profile to CMYK, rendered a flattened image, and ran to the sheet feed digital Epson printer. The full size of this piece is 77.5″ x 15″ at 300dpi, however, I reduced the size of the print to 4 feet long by 9.3 inches tall. To give the print some stability for better display I mounted it to 1/4″ thick foam core.

Once the print was complete I entered it into the American Advertising Federation Addy Awards and received recognition and an etched glass plaque with my name and my piece’s information.

The Process
  1. Gathered the gear
  2. Explored Chattanooga
  3. Found the perfect crossing
  4. Set the tripod up in a good space to rotate and shoot 360 degrees
  5. Adjusted manual settings for consistency among every shot
  6. Shot portait-wise to allow increased resolution to better capture the scene
  7. Constructed the images in photoshop
  8. Adjusted the natural distortion
  9. Produced 5 foot digital print
  10. Mounted it to 1/4″ foam board for display
The Client & Plot
  • Self exploratory
  • Entered it to the AAF Addy Awards
  • Received recognition and an etched glass plague
The Tools
  1. Fujifilm s200 camera
  2. Tripod
  3. Photoshop
  4. Epson Digital Printer
  5. Print materials

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