Digital Media Exhibition 2010

Cobalt Cox and I, Stu Sigrest, designed the print advertisements for The Digital Media Program’s Senior Portfolio Exhibition in 2010, our graduating year. It was a very successful event that had been expanded from previous years. We brought in local businesses, ad agencies, & design studios and showcased our work with large monitors on black covered tables in the halls of our digital center across two floors. In two rooms, those of us who had video work had it displayed on gorgeous high-end projectors. My motion graphics piece, The Perfect Shot, was shown in one of these rooms.

Below, you can see the size of this display. 108×24″ (without space between prints) at 300dpi. The 3 prints covered the wall beautifully and created a very energetic and interesting atmosphere.

The print advertisements where displayed all over Johnson City-TN, including our local Newspaper. The image on the newspaper was the main banner that was used to promote our event. We worked the banner in a 1:3 rato that was approximately 16×47″ at 300dpi. Which is a very high-resolution banner for its size.

The Process
  1. Gathered the coffee
  2. Used mind webs to generate ideas
  3. Sketched a few designs
  4. Staged multiple green screen photoshoots with students
  5. Composited photos with designs in Photoshop
  6. Layout text and logos in Indesign
  7. Composited files into large PDFs for print
The Client
  • The 2010 DIGM class of ETSU (a passionate bunch)
  • Young talented energetic students
  • Digital age and technology oriented
  • An event for potential employers to see the new skill on the streets
  • A celebration of graduation
The Tools
  1. Trusty pen and paper
  2. Photoshop
  3. Illustrator
  4. Indesign
  5. Large Epson digital printers

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