Vintage Church Easter Poster

Vintage Church was a upstarting church in La that contacted me through a colleague that had recently moved there. The project entailed a poster to pull people to their large Easter event, which would be the 1st introduction and showcasing of their unique church and approach to worship, plus a 3-fold brochure with interactive tear-outs for them to use year round.

It was an interesting process getting to know their church leader and understanding the type of style he was trying to portray with his logo and name. We went through some very different styles, all relating more to one part of his marketing goals than another until I helped him find the balance that he was looking for.

The poster above uses an antique look that is very much alive and growing beautifully into the modern day. I used a leathered floral texture that was originally scanned off of the cover of an antique bible. The information of the poster is arranged into a plus symbol starting from the center to symbolize two different things; one is the addition of the church into your life as a healthy additive, and two is the aesthetic relation to the cross. I also liked the plus symbol b/c as a fun bonus it allowed me to work with the “law of thirds”, in that things are more pleasing to the eye when divided visually by thirds. The comforting colors of the piece I choose to be an ocean blue/green mixture. I felt it was loud enough to be very interesting from a distance but steady enough to allow the red in the piece to be the main focal points to pull the eye. Also, the green/blue mixture is attractive to young males, who’re the target audience, but I feel they are colors that can also welcome any audience.

The Process
  1. Created marketing sheet
  2. Received brand resources from client
  3. Sketched multiple versions
  4. Communicated variations with client
  5. Scanned in resources
  6. Gathered additional textures
  7. Finalized Jpegs
The Client
  • Church in LA
  • Wants to appeal to young urban men
  • Poster for an Easter event
  • Light brochure for daily handout & connection
The Tools
  1. Trusty pen and paper
  2. Photoshop (Adobe CS5)

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